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2017 Master/Contractor Comprehensive Video Library

2017 Master/Contractor Comprehensive Video Library

SKU: 9780997545203

This best-selling exam preparation library has helped thousands of electricians across the country pass their exams. The format will help you master concepts quickly with in-depth training on Code, calculations, and electrical theory and fundamentals. When you complete this program you will walk into your exam with confidence.

Why is this preparation program so effective? One of the biggest reasons is Mike’s clear and direct writing style that makes even the most challenging topics easy to understand. The signature textbooks include hundreds of detailed instructional graphics that are built to scale and help you visualize the concepts in action along with step-by-step instructions on how to solve problems.

The dynamic and engaging videos provide content and context for the lessons. Building on the information in the books,  Mike and his panel of industry experts use real-world examples to explain the concepts in greater detail  to expand your knowledge and your ability to apply it to your exam. The chapter questions reinforce your understanding and help you apply what you learn so you can easily identify your strengths and focus on the areas where you need additional reinforcement.  This program will not only give you the tools to pass your exam but in the process, it will make you a better electrician in the field as you grow with the information you have learned.

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This library includes:

  • Electrical Theory textbook
    • 13 hours of Theory streaming videos 
  • Understanding the NEC Volume 1 textbook
    • 27+ hours of Understanding the NEC Vol. 1 streaming videos
    • 16+ hours of Bonding and Grounding streaming videos
  • Understanding the NEC Volume 2 Textbook
    • 19+ hours of Understandinig the NEC Vol. 2 streaming videos
  • Exam Preparation textbook
    • 30+ hours of streaming videos:
      • Raceway and Box Calculations
      • Conductor Sizing and Protection Calculations
      • Motor, and Air-ConditioningCalculations
      • Voltage-Drop Calculations
      • Dwelling Unit Calculations
      • Multifamily Dwelling Calculations
      • Commercial Calculations
      • Transformer Calculations
  • Master/Contractor Practice Exam 
  • PLUS! A digital version of each book and an online practice exam
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    $1,092.50Sale Price
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