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2020 Changes to the National Electrical Code Video Program

2020 Changes to the National Electrical Code Video Program

SKU: 978-1-950431-10-6

Mike Holt's Changes to the NEC 2020 Program will give you the tools you need to learn the most essential Code changes quickly and easily.

The videos showcase dynamic round-table discussions with Mike and his panel of experts from various segments of the industry. They analyze the most essential code changes (Articles 90 – 805), their impact, and how they apply in the field. The wide range of skills of the panel and their unique perspectives provide a comprehensive overview of each change and its practical application.

The full-color textbook is a powerful learning tool that combines over 700 instructional graphics and photographs with unique book features that bring clarity to the changes:

  • Author's Comments clarify the meaning of the change
  • In-depth Analysis explains the background information
  • A Final Exam tests your knowledge
  • And much more...

Program includes:

  • Changes to the NEC 2020 Textbook
    • 20+ hours of video streaming (for details, click on the Video Play Time button below)
  • Plus, a digital version of the Changes to the 2020 NEC book!
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