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2020 Master Supreme Library

2020 Master Supreme Library

SKU: 978-1-950431-44-1

Want to become the ultimate Master Electrician in the field? Then this program is for you. Mike has personally designed this program to help you confidently pass your exam, and gain the skills and knowledge to be an expert in the field. He has included the technical training you need to master Theory, Code, and Calculations while also addressing the mental mind shift that can help you become a leader in the industry.

Learning with Mike Holt products is empowering because you aren’t just learning the questions from exams, you are learning the concepts and the why behind the questions. Mike takes you step-by-step through the modules providing clarity and details to help you apply the content to your job. The books provide thousands of illustrations drawn to scale so that you can understand the code as it is applied. This program will give you a comprehensive overview of what will be covered on your exam, with additional content on Motor Controls, and solar for further understanding. The NEC Online Quiz gives you the opportunity to quiz yourself with your NEC book to improve your speed and knowledge of how to find content when you need it.

This library includes:

Electrical Theory textbook

· Electrical Fundamentals and Basic Electricity DVD
· Electrical Circuits, Systems, and Protection DVD
· Alternating Current, Motors, Generators, and Transformers DVD
Motor Controls textbook
· Motor Controls (2) DVDs

Understanding the NEC Volume 1 textbook
Understanding the NEC WORKBOOK, Art 90-480
Bonding and Grounding textbook

· Understanding the NEC Volume 1, Articles 90-240 (2) DVDs
· Understanding the NEC Volume 1, Articles 300-450 (4) DVDs
· Bonding and Grounding (4) DVDs
· Bonding and Grounding MP3s
· Understanding the NEC Volume 1 MP3s
Understanding the NEC Volume 2 textbook
· Understanding the NEC Volume 2, Articles 500-820 (3) DVDs
· Understanding the NEC Volume 2 MP3s
Solar Photovoltaics textbook
· Solar Photovoltaics DVDs (3)
· Solar Photovoltaics MP3s
NEC Online Quiz

Exam Preparation textbook

· Raceway and Box Calculations DVD
· Conductor Sizing and Protection Calculations DVD
· Motor, Air-Conditioning and Transformer Calculations DVD
· Voltage-Drop Calculations DVD
· Dwelling Unit Calculations DVD
· Multifamily Dwelling Calculations DVD
· Commercial Calculations DVD
Master/Contractor Practice Exam workbook

Life Skills textbook

· Life Skills DVDs (3)
· Life Skills MP3s

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