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2020 Understanding the National Electrical Code, Vol. 1 textbook

2020 Understanding the National Electrical Code, Vol. 1 textbook

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Compliance with the National Electrical Code is a major concern for today’s engineers, designers and electricians. On the one hand, you need to keep job costs down. On the other hand, your electrical projects must meet Code. And if you are an electrical inspector, you’ve got to ensure compliance with the Code in a way that is fair, accurate, equitable, and consistent.

The need to understand and accurately apply the NEC is paramount. How can you make sure you get this right? The answer is Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Understanding the National Electrical Code. No other textbook takes you step-by-step through NEC articles like Mike’s authoritative Understanding the National Electrical Code textbooks. What makes this book so effective is the clear writing style, the Author’s Comments, the amazing detailed full-color illustrations that help you visualize the concepts being discussed, and the examples that are broken down step-by-step. The chapter questions help you test your knowledge as you go. This book sets the standard in NEC education and is used extensively throughout the country. Volume 1 highlights:

  • Article 90. Know the purpose and scope of the NEC, and understand how it’s arranged so you can quickly find what you need.
  • Chapter 1. Become familiar with the general requirements that apply to all installations. You’ll understand NEC terminology, which wiring methods are suitable, and the truth about space requirements.
  • Chapter 2. Know the requirements for neutrals, branch circuits, feeders, outside wiring, and services. You’ll obtain competence and confidence in sizing and applying circuit protection. You’ll also understand how grounding and bonding differ, and how to apply the concepts properly in the real world.
  • Chapter 3. The requirements for conductors, enclosures, fittings, cable assemblies and raceways are many, and the rules for wiring methods may vary with each type. Do you know how the rules for EMT differ from those for RMC? What about armored cable? Which conductor is right for the job?
  • Chapter 4. Cords, switches, receptacles, panelboards, and lighting are just some of the topics in Chapter 4 you must understand to avoid Code violations. Don’t let Article 430—the largest of the NEC Articles—be a “motor mystery” to you. And the rules for generators, transformers, and capacitors are clarified so they'll not continue to confuse you.

This resource has proven itself in the field and in the exam room. And now you can rely on the latest edition to provide you with the rock-solid foundation of NEC knowledge necessary to do your job with accuracy and confidence.

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