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Advances in Papermaking Wet End Chemistry Application Technologies

Advances in Papermaking Wet End Chemistry Application Technologies

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Editor: Martin A. Hubbe  & Scott Rosencrance 

This book provides an authoritative, but reasonably brief and readable textbook that describes some of the most important advances in papermaking wet-end chemistry applications technologies of the past couple of decades. It highlights ways in which recent progress in equipment, automation, and procedures are providing improvements in papermaking efficiency as well as the uniformity and end-use performance of the products.

Advances in Papermaking Wet End Chemistry Application Technologies is characterized as practical, up-to-date, informative, and well-documented; concise and non-repetitive.  The content covers technology from multiple companies and academic sources in a fair-minded way, with emphasis on technologies that have been practiced or at least demonstrated in the paper mill.  The book emphasizes selected areas of advancement of technology related to new classes of equipment, new ways of using chemical additives, and principles of how things work.  There is one chapter for each application area.

  • Handling and dilution of papermaking additives
  • Mixology
  • Systems for feeding and mixing wet-end additives
  • Paper machine white-water systems and the paper machine wet end
  • Charge monitoring and control
  • Control and optimization of retention
  • Drainage strategies and micro- or nanoparticle systems
  • Mineral fillers
  • Microbial control strategies
  • Optimization of dry strength additives
  • Enzymatic technology for wet-end implementation
  • Wet-end chemical interactions
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