Autism & PDD Basic Questions 5-Book Set

Autism & PDD Basic Questions 5-Book Set

SKU: 9780760699829

Ages: 3-7
Grades: PreK-2

Use these captivating Buddy Bear books to teach basic wh- question asking and answering. Learners interact with every page as they place pictures and answer the questions.

The stories are perfect for circle time or individual work with youngsters in early intervention, including those with autism and developmental delays. Simple sentences with a repetitive story format build language and early literacy skills. The adorable artwork is uncluttered. 

Each of the five durable, wire-bound books targets one wh- question form.

  • What, Buddy Bear? What is Buddy Bear reading? He is reading a book.
  • Where, Buddy Bear? Where is Buddy Bear? He is on the boat.
  • Why, Buddy Bear? Why does Buddy Bear want an umbrella? Because it's raining.
  • When, Buddy Bear? When does Buddy Bear wear his baseball cap? He wears his baseball cap at game time.
  • Who, Buddy Bear? Who is having a birthday? Buddy Bear is having a birthday.

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Complete 5-Book Set: each book 9 pages, suggested uses; vinyl folder