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Baking Science & Technology - Volume 1: Fundamentals & Ingredients

Baking Science & Technology - Volume 1: Fundamentals & Ingredients

SKU: 978-0-9820239-0-7

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Volume 1: Fundamentals & Ingredients, with close to 800 pages, starts with basic about the food science disciplines involved in bakery applications. It proceeds into ingredients and the crops from which they are derived. Laboratory instrumentation and a new section on sanitation have also been added.

This volume contains significant new material, including sections about masa (the dough of tortilla manufacturing), whole grains and their flours, allergen control, sourdough, ingredient systems (mixes, bases and concentrates), greatly expanded coverage of fiber and a look at the characterizing ingredients used to add value, eye appeal and nutrition, all of which help baking companies attract and retain consumer interest. Volume II will take up formulating and processing systems, including a new section on artisan baking technology.

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