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Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Mediation

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Mediation

SKU: 978-0314291-85-1
The book examines the history and growth of bankruptcy laws and foreclosure laws in the United States, as well as the federal aspects of bankruptcy and the state law aspects of foreclosure and real estate matters. Also, various federal court mediation programs are compared, including the leading bankruptcy mediation program for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California. Recent changes in California foreclosure and real estate laws are identified and addressed, including the homeowner bill of rights and the new requirements for pre-foreclosure communications. The book also addresses issues relating to the ongoing and future financial and budget problems for federal, state, and local courts, and points out how ADR methods, particularly mediation, may give California real estate disputants the best chances of securing or keeping their real property or real property interests. Providing a road map through the complicated areas of federal bankruptcy law, California foreclosure law, and California real estate law, with guidance on how to use mediation strategies and programs to resolve disputes in these areas, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Mediation is an invaluable resource for bankruptcy, foreclosure, and real estate attorneys, mediators, and real estate owners, borrowers, and professionals, in California and other states.
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