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Business Separation Agreements Line by Line

Business Separation Agreements Line by Line

SKU: 978-0314295-04-0
Written by a practicing attorney with over thirty years of experience in counseling closely held businesses, Business Separation Agreements Line by Line is a comprehensive examination of the crucial components included in an agreement for the separation of a company or firm by partitioning its assets and business between the owners, as well as its post-partition survival as separate and independent businesses. It explains the reasoning behind the clauses in the agreement and explores the rationale for using varying approaches to help address the parties' specific circumstances. This book also discusses the difficulties involved in reaching a meeting of the minds between estranged business owners and suggests compromises that may help to produce a satisfactory resolution. The author also considers whether and how it might be possible to avoid or mitigate the difficulties presented by an unfriendly separation by including provisions in the parties' governing and formation documents that anticipate eventual partition. Business Separation Agreements Line by Line is a cautionary tale for a business owner considering separation, and also a valuable resource for anyone who has ever negotiated or drafted a separation agreement between business owners.
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