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Chemistry for Enhancing the Production of Oil and Gas

Chemistry for Enhancing the Production of Oil and Gas

SKU: 9781613993170

Providing an overview of the science and technology of the use of production chemicals to enhance and maintain oil and gas production, Chemistry for Enhancing the Production of Oil and Gas is geared towards a technically trained audience.  Readers will find a review of the important chemical and physical principles that are common to most, if not all, of the enhancement treatments. The authors also discuss aspects of the use and mechanisms of the complex chemistries that take place with the application of flow assurance chemicals, during stimulation (reactive chemistry and prop fracturing) and chemically improved oil recovery, including the use of chemical tracers.  A final chapter emphasizes the importance of health, safety, and environmental compliance in all aspects of oilfield treatments.  Most of the chapters found within end with a section where successful chemical enhancement or control methods have been used to solve specific production problems.

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