Edmark Reading Program: Level 2 - Second Edition, Additional Mastery Test

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The Mastery Test is a domain referenced, nationally field-tested instrument designed specifically to assess the performance of students using the Edmark Reading Program. This highly reliable and relevant test consists of–four subtests that closely mirror the instructional format of the Edmark Reading Program

The Discrimination and Picture/Phrase Match subtests can be administered in a group setting. The Word Recognition and Oral Reading subtests require individual administration by teachers or paraprofessionals.

The Mastery Test can be used

  • For continuous progress monitoring in the Edmark Reading Program
  • To determine the student’s mastery of the program
  • As a placement instrument for students whose instruction in the Edmark Reading Program has been interrupted
  • To identify targeted reading objectives for the student’s IEP
  • Edmark Reading Program Progress Monitoring and End-of-Year Testing

Detailed information on administration, scoring, and interpreting results is provided in the Mastery Test Manual. Administer the Mastery Test (a) at the beginning of the school year to obtain baseline data and make placement decisions, (b) after every 50 lessons (or as needed) to show progress, and (c) at the end of the school year to report student progress to the next year’s teacher.

Edmark Reading Program – Second Edition, Level 2 Mastery Test includes: Manual, 15 Student Booklets, 15 Scoring Forms, 15 Summary Forms (2011).