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EET: Expanding Expression Tool Kit—2nd Edition

EET: Expanding Expression Tool Kit—2nd Edition


This visual and tactile program keeps students on topic, expands word choice, reduces the need for prompting, and improves organization and comprehension. Its hierarchical approach will quickly take a student's expression from single words to descriptive paragraphs to full reports!

This simple, yet brilliant multisensory program will dramatically boost the following language skills:

  • Oral Expression
  • Written Expression
  • Vocabulary Comprehension
  • Defining and Describing
  • Making Associations
  • Stating Functions of Objects
  • Categorization
  • Similarities and Differences

How It Works:

The Expanding Expression Tool is a color-coded system of symbols. Students learn the code and from this code are able to provide detailed descriptions based on the following elements: 

  • Category the item belongs to
  • Function of the item
  • Appearance
  • What the item is made of
  • Parts of the item
  • Location

As a mnemonic device, it provides visual and tactile information to help expand word choice, keep students on topic, reduce the need for prompting, and improve organization and comprehension. Students quickly learn each symbol and consistently describe and define objects and items providing 6-7 details in an organized manner. This program has been classroom tested in both regular and special education classes. It supports Language Arts curriculum and is also designed for RTI, Inclusion, Content Based Instruction and more. Student ages: preschool through high school.

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