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Elder Law Client Strategies in California

Elder Law Client Strategies in California

SKU: 978-0314295-07-1
Due to advances in medicine, people are living longer than ever before. With that progress comes a variety of new complications. How do you manage trusts and wills when a client's mental capacity might be in question? How do you handle retirement, social security, and Medicare over 20 or 30 years? How can you ensure the quality of late-in-life and end-of-life care? How do you prevent financial and other forms of abuse? Such questions are more common and more complex as lifespans stretch out into the 80s and 90s. Elder Law Client Strategies in California addresses these concerns in the context of one state and theorizes about how California standards might apply elsewhere. The expert authors discuss the intersection of trusts and long-term care, guardianships and conservatorships, and the effect of capacity issues on estate planning. For attorneys trying to help elderly clients ensure safety, health, and security in the last years of their lives, this book provides valuable advice and perspectives.
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