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Enhanced Oil Recovery, Second Edition

Enhanced Oil Recovery, Second Edition

SKU: 9781613994948

Building on the comprehensive, fundamental mechanisms and mathematical computations detailed in the First Edition, the new Second Edition of Enhanced Oil Recovery presents the latest insights into the applications of EOR processes, including 

      -Field-scale thermal-recovery such as steam-assisted gravity drainage and cyclic steam stimulation
      -Field-scale polymer flooding including horizontal wells
      -Field-scale miscible-displacement processes such as CO2 miscible flooding
      -Laboratory-scale chemical flooding in the development and testing of surfactant formulations 

An invaluable tool for petroleum engineering students, Enhanced Oil Recovery also serves as an important resource for those practicing oil recovery in the field or engaged in the design and operation of commercial projects involving enhanced-or improved-oil-recovery processes. A prior understanding of basic petrophysics, fluid properties, and material balance is recommended.

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