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Liquid Rocket Engine: Thrust Chamber Parametric Modeling

Liquid Rocket Engine: Thrust Chamber Parametric Modeling

The great engineering achievement required to overcome most of the challenges and obstacles that prevented turning rocket design from art into science took place in Europe and the United States between the 1930s and the 1950s. With the vast majority of the engines currently in operation developed in the "pre-computer" age, there are new opportunities to update the design methodologies using technology that can now handle highly complex calculations fast. The space sector with an intense focus on efficiency is driving the need for updating, adapting or replacing the old modeling practices with new tools capable of reducing the volume of resources and the time required to complete simulations and analysis. This book presents an innovative parametric model applicable to the project of some elements of the liquid rocket thrust chamber with the level of detail and accuracy appropriate to the preliminary design phase. It addresses the operating characteristics and dimensioning of some thrust chamber elements through a set of equations and parameters, which include thrust or propellant characteristics. The model degree of sophistication was adjusted to the requirements of the Project Life Cycle Phase B, while also enabling quick analysis of new configurations from changes in initial project parameters.
  • 978-0768093-32-2

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