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O'Connor's Federal Rules Civil Trials, 2021 ed.

O'Connor's Federal Rules Civil Trials, 2021 ed.

SKU: 978-1539210-56-6
OÕConnorÕs Federal Rules Civil Trials provides clear, detailed explanations of procedure with strategies and practice tips for each phase of litigation. The commentary is written and edited by experienced practitioners and backed by thousands of citations. Each new edition is fully revised to reflect all the latest changes in the law. The book also provides the complete text of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Evidence, and Appellate Procedure; hundreds of case annotations Ñ quotations from recent, relevant caselaw Ñ that help explain how the courts interpret the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Evidence; the most relevant provisions from title 28 of the United States Code; Advisory Committee notes on all the key rule amendments; and charts and timetables that quickly summarize complicated rules and deadlines.
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