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Recent Trends in Trademark Protection, 2016 Edition

Recent Trends in Trademark Protection, 2016 Edition

SKU: 978-0314295-06-4
The laws for registering and protecting trademarks are often difficult to navigate. Not only does the Supreme Court constantly make decisions that impact the registration process, but individual states can also challenge these decisions, making the entire registration process more difficult. How can you best help your clients register and protect the marks they worked so hard to develop? Recent Trends in Trademark Protection can give you the answers. This book provides you with best practices for undergoing the necessary research to file and defend mark registrations. This book features experienced partners nationwide who outline the significant impact that technological developments can have on improving your overall trademark practice, and give you key tips for supporting your clients while they file applications. Inside, you will also find advice on determining whether to proceed with an infringement case, based on first use of a mark, filing broadly to ensure mark protection, and warning clients about receiving scam letters. In addition to giving you key strategies for enforcing the mark and addressing trademark trolls, these experts outline tips for training clients internally with their patent and copyright groups, and analyzing the strengths of cease-and-desist letters from trolls. Staying up-to-date on the latest trends can keep you and your clients in the best position possible to handle whatever the future brings.
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