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School-Age Stuttering: How Teachers Can Help

School-Age Stuttering: How Teachers Can Help

By Nina Reeves and J. Scott Yaruss

This 28-page booklet can help SLPs develop strong alliances with educators and extend their reach into their clients’ classrooms and other settings. 

Written specifically for educators and others in the school setting, topics include:

  • Key facts about stuttering: Reduce misconceptions about stuttering.
  • Characteristics of stuttering: Help teachers learn what to look for.
  • How teachers can help: Give teachers ideas about what they can do for children who stutter.
  • How speech therapy can help: Help teachers understand what to expect from therapy (and what not to expect).
  • Supporting students in the classroom: Provide concrete strategies for supporting children in common classroom situations.

Share this booklet with teachers, coaches, staff, administrators, and others in the school environment. Working together, you can create a supportive environment that will ensure success for children who stutter, both in and out of therapy!

28 pages, 5½" x 8½" booklet

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