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Trends in Agriculture: GMOs and Organics

Trends in Agriculture: GMOs and Organics

SKU: 978-0314295-08-8
From crossbreeding to antibiotics to pesticides, scientists have been doing more and more to increase the quantity, durability, and pest resistance of the food we grow. These days, many consumers are becoming concerned about those methods, and regulators Ð including federal and state legislators Ð are following suit. Attorneys must stay on top of these developments and understand the intricacies of agricultural law in order to best serve their clients. In Trends in Agriculture: GMOs and Organics, expert attorneys discuss FDA regulations for safety, labeling requirements and issues, and concerns such as genetic and chemical drift. The authors also compare the pros and cons of genetically modified and organic food, analyze the likely scientific and legal advances to come, and provide oversight into the ongoing debate about genetic and chemical techniques in agriculture. As new methods become available to farmers and consumers become more educated about their meat and produce, this area of the law will only continue to evolve. Trends in Agriculture: GMOs and Organics will help lawyers and their clients keep pace.
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