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Trends in DUI Discovery, 2015 ed.

Trends in DUI Discovery, 2015 ed.

SKU: 978-0314294-16-6
Aspatore legal title Trends in DUI Discovery provides an authoritative perspective on the latest issues, developments, and cases involving discovery in DUI cases. Effectively representing a client in a criminal case ultimately comes down to minimizing the state's evidence. This is especially true in DUI/DWI cases in which the state's evidence generally consists of law enforcement's observation of your client's behavior, including performance on roadside standardized field sobriety test, dash-cam and police station video, and the officer's general interactions with your client. Trends in DUI Discovery discusses the evidence that law enforcement collects and prosecutor uses to get a conviction in a DUI case. Leading DUI defense practitioners from across the country identify the weaknesses in a prosecutor's case and describe effective strategies defense attorneys can leverage on their client's behalf.
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